How to gain more free space on Dropbox?

Dropbox is service which provides you free (and paid) storage for you files in cloud. Its client software is cross-platform (even between mobile platforms), so you can easilly use it on your Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, IOS, etc...

In tha basic plan Dropbox offers 2 GB cloud storage for free. You can upload you text, music, videos, backups - really what you want or need. You can simply share the files, make them public or share them between your mobile devices. Everything for free. But what if you need more storage but don't want to pay for it?


There are several ways to gain more free space for your Dropbox accout and I'm going to introduce it for you now.


1. Register your account through this link. By this link you gain extra + 500 MB

2. Connect your account with Facebook    + 125 MB

3. Discover Dropbox's abbilities + 250 MB

      You can do this after login into administration.

4. Tell the friend about Dropbox and send them your affil link. For every registered user you can get + 500 MB.

      You can get more space by reffering up to limit 16 GB.

5. Upload videoss and photos from your mobile device and get + 500 MB for every 500 MB uploaded (up to 3GB)


Why should I use Dropbox?

  • have your important files with you on your devices everytime
  • share photos and music with your friend
  • share documents for public
  • backup your data
  • use easy version control system for your business document
  • etc etc... Dropbox offers much more cool functions - you will have to discover them yourself.



I hope you've enjoyed today's article, thanks for feedback.




I LOVE Dropbox. It has truly revolutionised my woinkrg life. I work on both a desktop and a laptop, and sharing documents between the two used to involve email attachments and memory sticks and lots of lost versions and complications. Now I just keep documents that are in progress in Dropbox and move them to the main folders on the desktop once they're finished with. Can't second your recommendation enough

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